Help Keep Milford Safe! This is more important now than ever.

With all of us at home now more than we ever were before, it’s vital to keep your family and community safe.  Teens and children have better access to medications because they are home. Whether it’s curiosity or boredom, they could get into these medications.

Help limit this access —get rid of any unused or expired medications that may be hiding in your cabinets and drawers. Remove these medicines as soon as possible to reduce the chance that your teen takes them by accident or on purpose.

When you dispose of medicines safely, you help:

  • prevent misuse and accidental poisoning
  • protect children
  • safeguard the water supply
  • save the environment
  • make the Milford community strong

Milford Prevention Council and Milford ShopRite have teamed up for a limited time to provide Shop-at-Home families with a FREE Safe Disposal Kit. This includes: Deterra Medication Deactivation System, Safe Disposal Checklist and bonus 1 oz. hand sanitizer spray. Available on a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last.

  You can also download the checklist here

What Are Household Medicines?
• Prescriptions — like you get from a doctor or pharmacy
• Over-the-counter medicines — like you buy from a store

When Do I Dispose of Medicines?
Get rid of any medicines that are damaged, expired, unused, or unwanted.

See the flush list

For more medication disposal options such as deactivation bags, medication locking tools and information on Milford’s Medication Disposal DropBox located in the Milford Police Department Lobby – please contact Milford Prevention Council at

Where Can I Learn More
• Food and Drug Administration —
• Environmental Protection Agency —
• Up and Away and Out of Sight is an educational program to remind families about the importance of safe medicine storage. It is an initiative of PROTECT, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Consumer Healthcare Products Association Educational Foundation and the below organizations. —