Milford TedEd Club Student Talks

The Milford Prevention Council Youth Committee has been working hard all year for this upcoming program. In lieu of a live TED style presentation, we are proud to showcase these four StudentTalk presentations focused around teens and technology use.

#DRAINED takes us through the perils of phone addiction through the eyes of our youth.

For four nights, starting Tuesday, May 26, we will premiere a student presentation at 6pm. Set a reminder and join us.

Part 1 of 4 in the #DRAINED series 
Premieres Tuesday, May 26 @6pm

Anthony Ljuljdjurovic, Senior, Foran HS

How does technology impact contemporary society, and most especially the youth? There is an essential question attributed to that line of research and it is this; would life be better or worse without the internet and social media? As with all issues, there is no clear cut answer to this problem, knowing that many of the youth watching the video would lean heavily in favor of modern technology I spend this presentation focusing on how social media and the internet leech energy and time from our lives.

Part 2 of 4 in the #DRAINED series 
Premieres Wednesday, May 27 @6pm

#NO SIGNAL: Phone Addiction Effects
Morgan Taylor, Senior, Jonathan Law HS
In this video, Morgan describe how much her phone affects her daily life and how it can cause harmful effects to her health and yours.

Part 3 of 4 in the #DRAINED series 
Premieres Thursday, May 28 @6pm

#RECHARGE: How you can reduce your phone usage
Liam Fedigan, Freshman, Jonathan Law HS

#Recharge is something that everyone needs to see as it raises awareness of phone addiction. But more importantly, it demonstrates strategies to use to reduce the phone usage and use time more wisely. Let’s be honest phone usage will never go away but it certainly can be reduced!

Part 4 of 4 in the #DRAINED series 
Premieres Friday, May 29 @6pm

#CREATE Art Therapy & Technology
Isabela Meade, Senior, Foran HS