Grant awarded to create West Haven Prevention Council to tackle underage drinking

Grant awarded to create West Haven Prevention Council to tackle underage drinking The coalitions’ mission is to involve and engage the local community to prevent alcohol and substance use among youth MILFORD, CT -  Bridges Healthcare and Milford Prevention Council (MPC) have collaborated over the past ten years to develop and implement a successful, comprehensive


Marijuana: No Matter how you feel about it, its still bad for youth

Let's #MentionPrevention: Marijuana Source: What is Marijuana? Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers of the plant Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica . Stronger forms of the drug include high potency strains – known as sinsemilla (sin-seh-me-yah), hashish (hash for short), and extracts including hash oil, shatter, wax, and budder. Of the more than 500 chemicals in marijuana, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol,


Let’s #MentionPrevention: Underage Drinking

Let's #MentionPrevention: UNDERAGE DRINKING Help us curb underage drinking!   Let's #MentionPrevention is a campaign designed to assist retail and dining locations as they adjust to this unusual time, do their part in keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors. MPC is looking to partner with our local restaurants, breweries and liquor establishments to help


What is CT’s Social Host Law?

What is the Social Host Law? Know the Law... Providing and allowing minors under 21 to drink in Connecticut is against the law. Under the law, parents can be held liable for episodes of underage drinking that occur in their house. The Social Host Law states it is “AN ACT PROHIBITING CERTAIN PERSONS FROM ALLOWING MINORS TO


Keeping youth safe, at home.

PARENT CHECKLIST...KEEPING THEM SAFE AT HOME Help Keep Our Kids Safe! This is more important now than ever. Right now, it’s more important than ever to keep your kids safe from the dangers of substance use. How do you do that? Talk to your teens about vaping. Store medications safely in your home and


Start Talking. It Makes a Difference. Alcohol Safety Tips

Start Talking. It Makes a Difference. Help keep Milford safe! Talk about alcohol safety with your kids. All parents have a role in preventing alcohol use among youth. Early use of alcohol can lead to great substance use issues later in life. Here are steps you can take to promote alcohol safety. Talk early and


MPC Youth Committee Presents #DRAINED Milford TedEd Student Talks

Milford TedEd Club Student Talks The Milford Prevention Council Youth Committee has been working hard all year for this upcoming program. In lieu of a live TED style presentation, we are proud to showcase these four StudentTalk presentations focused around teens and technology use. #DRAINED takes us through the perils of phone addiction through


Easy & Safe Disposal Methods for Medications

HOW TO SAFELY DISPOSE HOUSEHOLD MEDICATIONS Help Keep Milford Safe! This is more important now than ever. With all of us at home now more than we ever were before, it's vital to keep your family and community safe.  Teens and children have better access to medications because they are home. Whether it's curiosity


Quitting Vaping? Tips & Resources

VAPING TIPS & RESOURCES WHILE YOU'RE STAYING-AT-HOME ... KICK THE HABIT Chances are if you've found this page you are either yourself struggling to quit vaping/smoking or hoping to help a loved one kick the habit. We've combed the web and aggregated some resources that will help you succeed!  Now, with stay-at-home orders and social

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