We are proud to announce our April Hero of the Month Donna Stupak-Rider!

Donna was a Girl Scout as a girl for 12 years and is a Gold Award recipient (the highest award a girl can earn in Girl Scouting).  She has two daughters of her own and quickly became an adult volunteer as a troop leader for two troops of girls in Milford for over 15 years.  Donna always advises her girls to search for the need in the community first and over the years the girls have grown serving others first and following their passions in life.  Donna has served over 25 girls in the two troops and she has always welcomed all girls of all skills and ability levels, which can be a challenge to some leaders but not to Donna.  She is always cheerful and upbeat no matter the situation!  She serves as a role model to all the girls truly living the Girl Scout way.

She has served on numerous committees including but not limited to the Girl Scouts of CT: teaching archery, “Fabulous Fridays”, Girl Scout Milford Service Unit Co- Manager from 2007-2018, Gold Award committee 2010-2018 as a mentor, Milford Earth Day Clean up committee 2007-2016, Milford Boy Scout/Girl Scout Thanksgiving Annual Food Drive, 2007-2017.

I know that every committee Donna has served on is done with 200% of her attention and is always a success story.  I would estimate that Donna serves as a volunteer approximately 10-20 hours each week which equals 1,000 hours of service each year for over 15 years.  She has served her community by strengthening families developing others to volunteer and strengthening their life skills, meeting needs in the community through the many service projects the girls have worked on, and nurtures children by the 300+ Girl Scouts she oversees each year—we at Girl Scouts of Connecticut know is making a difference in a girl’s life.

(submission from Anita Silvestro, Member Specialist, Girl Scouts of CT)