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Have an idea for MPC?

We are always looking for creative and enlightening content from Milford students to create for MPC.  PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) are a great and interactive way to understand issues at hand while learning how to avoid or change habits and lifestyles.

Thank you to Jonathan Law High School senior students in Mr. Chris Kulenych’s Broadcast Journalism class for MPC’s 5 new PSA’s below! They focus on bullying, stress, lack of sleep, social media dangers & texting while driving.

Bullying (2015)

Stress (2015)

Lack of Sleep (2015)

Social Media Dangers (2015)

Texting While Driving (2015)


Pass it On PSA (Boys & Girls Club of Milford, 2014)

Drinking & Driving PSA (Jonathan Law High School, 2012)

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