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Freshman Underage Drinking Forums

Our two Milford high schools hold these annual, two-hour programs in November. They are mandatory for all freshman and at least one parent per family. Five speakers present on topics related to alcohol and substance use.  If a student does not attend, he/she is required to write an essay on the topics presented.

Senior University Forums

These three-hour programs for high school seniors take place each May. They include a series of speakers who rotate among groups of seniors. Topics focus on the many transitions youth face moving from high school to college and work. Speakers also discuss the transition from adolescence and parental supervision to young adulthood laden with independent decisions and challenges.

Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS) Program

MPC has two certified TIPS trainers. They provide four-hour courses to local merchants on responsible beverage (alcohol) service and how to identify fake IDs.


64% decrease in alcohol use among 7th, 9th and 11th graders*


33% decrease in cigarette use*


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75% of youth report that their families have clear rules that discourage them from drinking or using drugs**


60% of youth feel that adults see teenagers as valuable, important members of the community**

Drug Take-Back Days

Our Drug Take-Back Day events provide a safe and responsible way to dispose of prescription drugs. Any citizen can “drive-thru” to drop off unwanted, unused or outdated medications. MPC volunteers staff our events. We distribute brochures to citizens to educate them on the potential for misuse of medications.

Superhero 5K and Family Day

MPC partners with the Woodruff YMCA to host an annual Superhero 5k and Family Day. Hundreds of kids and parents come from the greater Milford area to have fun and celebrate good health. The event creates awareness and raises money for each agency.

Ride for Hope Charity Motorcycle Ride

This annual motorcycle ride fundraiser helps raise awareness and support for MPC. The ride spans more than 50 miles and attracts riders from miles around to enjoy food and camaraderie. Learn more at www.rideforhope.org.

Volunteer for MPC

All adults and kids are welcome to volunteer for MPC. Host a fundraiser in your school or business. Help staff our events in the community.

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Enforcement Activities

MPC partners with local and state law enforcement to implement compliance check programs. The programs focus on local tobacco and alcohol retailers. Our goal is to target high-risk underage drinking and substance use. Data show that these programs can reduce drinking and driving, overdoses and alcohol poisoning.

Social Marketing Strategies

We actively engage in social media! It is a proven strategy to change attitudes and behaviors. Our social marketing efforts increase awareness of our programs and recruit new volunteers. We also look to improve community and social norms against youth substance use.

Student Survey and Community Needs Assessment

Evaluation is a critical part of our approach to reducing youth substance use. MPC commits to measure how effective all of our initiatives are. This data guides how we create programs in the future. It allows us to change or eliminate efforts that are not effective. This approach ensures progress towards our long-term goals. It helps us sustain a diverse, active coalition and decrease youth substance use in our community.


30-day use rates for alcohol are 24% below state averages*


30-day use rates for marijuana are 16% below state averages*

*Milford Prevention Council bi-annual survey data, 2009-2013
**Milford Youth Survey 2015


Make a donation today to help us sustain our work in the community.

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